Coming Home                            Lead, Coach Jake Stone            Rod Hermansen              MGI Productions
The Pineville Heist                    Lead, Sheriff Tremblay              Lee Chambers                 Jetlag Pictures
The Lotus                                            Lead, Rex, Survivalist        Jorge A. Nunez                40/7 Studios
Jerico                                            Support, Tobey, Redneck          Brandon Lewis                   Lewis / Taylor
The Search for Shana Star        Support, Johny Hornet         Isaac Medeiros                Clearstream
The Deadliest Gun                      Support, Sargeant Sims                       Michael Walters               HD Texas
The Reins Maker                         Support, Det.Don Detroy                    Mike Arnold           Fire Catcher
The Cliff                                         Support, Police Sgt. Dunn                  Dennis Dotson            Dotti Nation
Misfortune                                          Support, Sheriff Hendricks          Desmond Devenish         Gunnison
My Heart Dies With You                     Support, Russell                         Michael Walters               HD Texas
Shilo                                                  Support, Bounty Hunter                      Everett Aponte                LH
The Sector                                         Support, Bar Bouncer                         Josh Ridgway           Copper Kid
Till Death                                            Support, Austin, Ex-Husband              Diana Bigham      Adelina Bella
Streets of Harvest                               Support, Police Officer                       Fred Keel          Ocean Rising
Velvet Vengeance                               Support, Mr. Kersey                           Jeremy Campbell     13th Elm Films
Bad Karma                                         Support, Deputy Russel                      Rock Williams                 Rise Above
Blood Reunion                                   Support, Victor, Vampire                   Jim Devault              Stone Bell
Sacrament                                          Support, The Hunter                           Shawn Ewert          Right Left Turn
Proud Souls                                       Support, Bowman                              Andy Bowles             Van Stanley/APB
Preacher Man                                     Support, Bodyguard                           David Ford            GodZone Ministry
By Man’s Hand                                  Support, Deputy Nolan                       Rock Williams     Rise Above
Lentil Soup                                        Support, Cole Gerard, Tx Ranger       Jackie Karch        Karch Brothers
Hoot Owl                                           Support, Hank Strong                         Jason Godi            Vanishing Twin
The Box: Emma’s Journey                  Support, Jake Sutton, Dad                  Mike Manero     Little Wizard
Under The Sun                                   Support, Police Captain                      Krystle Sonmore     SAGU Cinema
An Innocent Hell                                Support, Sheriff                                  Larry Stanley            Van Stanley
When The Game Stands Tall              Featured, Coach Alumbaugh        Thomas Carter                  Mandalay
Parkland                                             Featured, Texas Ranger                      Peter Landesman             Playtone
Django Unchained                               Featured, Overseer                        Quentin Tarantino            Weinstein
Now You See Me                               Featured, NSA Agent                          Louis Leterrier                 Summit
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D             Featured, Townie                          John Luessenhop                 Lionsgate
Snitch                                                Featured, DEA Tact Team                  Ric Roman Waugh           Summit
The Iceman                                        Featured, Mob Driver                         Ariel Vromen                   Nu Image
The East                                                Featured, FBI Tact Team                 Zal Batmanglij                    Scott Free
Straight A’s                                         Featured, High Roller                          James Cox                      Nu Image
Daylight’s End                                   Featured, Survivor                              William Kaufman             Throttle
Thunderstruck                                    Featured, Connor’s Dad                     John Whitesell              Warner Bro.



Breakout Kings (A&E Network)          Day Player, Cop                       Bryan Spicer                   A&E / Fox 21
Between Heaven and Earth                  Support, Col. Hawkins              Rosa Nichols                   Mystisa Films
Private Targets                                   Support, Fugutive                     GuGu Michaels               Gu International
Chase (Recurring) (NBC)                 Featured, U.S. Marshall            Dermott Downs         J. Bruckheimer
Dallas (2012) (TNT)                           Featured, Bartender                   Michael M. Robin         Warner Horizon
GCB (ABC)                                       Featured, Cowboy                    Victor Nelli Jr.                     ABC / Starr


She Rides Bulls                                  Lead, Duke, Rancher                Cody Broadway              Broadway
Bane (Short)                                                 Lead, Cop Captain                    Charles Booker
Doctrine  (Short)                                 Lead, Military Leader                Leo Mercado
A Shadow’s Reach (Short)                 Lead, Criminal                           Ryan Robins                   Silent Reel
Photograph (Short)                                       Lead, Chris                               Raphael Smith                 RSP Studio
The Stag (Short)                                 Lead, Sheriff Quaid                   Eduardo Tobias               Calamity
Glass House (Short)                           Lead, Stranger                          Kyle Montgomery            Bad Films
The Story of Ray Barnes (Short)         Lead, Ray Barnes                      Matt Hibbard                   Northlake
An Avenger (Short)                            Lead, Gun Shop Owner            Duff Harris                      UNT
Bellkeep, Tx (Short)                           Lead, Claiborne                        Amy Harvie                     USC
Hell Thou Loose (Short)                     Lead, Antagonist                       Huey Rawls                     So Nervy Films
Damage~Joy (Short)                           Support, Dad                            Rosa Nichols                   Mystisa Films
Runaway Angel (Short)                       Support, Producer                    Israel Marquez                 Marquez Films
Asterion  (Short)                                 Support, Psychiatrist                 Bobby Stevens                UNT
The Prisoner (Short)                           Support, Prison Guard              Jason Skeen
Love, Jennie (Short)                           Support, Cop                           Alex Phillips
Across the Divide (Short)                   Support, Drunk                         Roustom Gouliev
Traits (Short)                                     Support, Father                        Jeff Walker
Waiting to Kill Myself (Short)             Support, Landlord                     Jonathan Goff
Perfect (Short)                                       Support, Coach                        Lara Christensen
Urning Respect (Short)                       Support, Hillbilly                       Jeff Walker
The In Between (Short)                       Support, Football Coach           Nathan Ochoa
Dance with the Devil (Short)              Support, Father                        Andrew Allen
Click, Click, Click (Short)                    Support, CIA Undercover         Michael Attanasio

EDUCATION AND TRAINING                                         
Class Act Dallas                                                            Daniel Foster (Ongoing)
Advanced Scene Study                                                Del Shores (Ongoing)
Actorswork Intense Scene                                          Steven Anderson (Ongoing)
Advanced Scene Study                                                Glenn Morshower
Scene Study & Audition Workshop                           Will Wallace
Audition Workshop                                                       Ryan Glorioso
Screenfighting – Stunts /SFX                                     Steve Krieger
Weapons Training for Actors – Advanced               Doug Williams
Speech and Voice                                                          Lynn Metrik, STAGE, Dallas
Bachelor of Arts                                                             Austin College, Sherman, TX
Master of Arts                                                                Austin College, Sherman, TX
Mid-Management                                                         SFA, Nacogdoches, TX 


Physical Fitness: Training / Coaching
Sports: Team /  Individual Sports
Driving: Car, Boat, Truck, Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Stickshifts, Four-Wheeler
Equestrian: Western / Horseback
Stage Combat / Stunt experience
Weapons training / Tactical Training;
Law Enforcement Training
Southern accent / Texas accent