Acting 101 – Train like an athlete


If you are going to be a successful athlete your priority is to train for your sport. Athletes are dedicated to their training and development. They put their training regimen ahead of everything else.

Why should actors be any different? If you truly want to become accomplished as an actor put your development first. If you are not willing to focus on your growth as an actor then the probability of your success decreases drastically.

To become the best or even recognized as an actor it takes dedication to the craft. Decide if you want it enough to make the sacrifices needed for the success you want.

Your training should be consistent with goals and a timetable of when you will achieve them. Create a game plan with your goals and to begin make them small and measurable. Develop a timetable to carry out your plan. Take daily steps towards your goals then as you develop, re-evaluate your plan, adjust and improve it.

Athletes do not become champions overnight. Sometimes it takes years of training and the dedication before the results are noticeably different.

Actors need the reinforcement that comes from a consistent ongoing class that develops your “acting muscles.” Train like an athlete, develop your championship talent daily and the positive results will follow.

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